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Best Tool For Keyword Research

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As with any trade, having the best tool for the job is of utmost importance toward becoming an expert in your field.  Writing for your blog page or any other online presence, is no different.  There are definitely tools of the trade, here, as well.  Today, we’ll take a look at one of the most important tools you could invest (lucky for you, it’s FREE to try!) in for your online business.  I’m talking about Jaaxy, by far, the best tool for keyword research that you’ll find!

Choosing an effective keyword or phrase should be the first step in creating a new post or page for your website.  Well, first, after deciding on a topic, that is.  Ha!  Ha!  When it comes to being ahead of your competition in the search engines, Jaaxy is THE BEST TOOL FOR KEYWORD RESEARCH.



And, here’s why Jaaxy is the best…

  • Extremely user friendly and requires little to zero experience
  • Super fast
  • Super accurate
  • Requires no download or installation
  • It can be used on any computer or Smartphone
  • It’s continually being updated, and without interruption of service
  • Data comes directly from Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • It can help you to easily find effective keywords for your blog posts or other advertising platform
  • Identifies low/high traffic and the competition for any keyword
  • Tells you the SEO score for any keyword
  • Excellent training is included when you sign up


How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

Part of the beauty of Jaaxy is you get to try it for FREE before committing to a monthly payment.  Not only do you GET to try it for free, it is mandatory to try before you buy!  How many times have you seen that?  Not many, I’m guessing.

Once you take Jaaxy for a test drive (30 free keyword searches) you can choose to stay with the tool that you’ve learned to depend on by paying just $19/mo for the Pro account.  Or, you can go big time with the Enterprise membership for $49/mo.

Here’s a clear price breakdown and what you get at each level:

Jaaxy cost breakdown

What About The Training?

Jaaxy offers 4 excellent training videos:

  1.  Keyword Research & Management
  2. Website Research and Analysis
  3. Niche Research Refinement
  4. The Affiliate Program Walk Through


Why I Use Jaaxy

Bottom line?  I get results.  I use Jaxxy keyword research tool each and every time I write a new post for any of my three websites.  Jaaxy has helped me in choosing effective keywords without fail.  I consistently have pages ranking withing the first 3 pages of Google and often times at the top of page 1!

Take a look here at the pages I have ranked within the first 3 pages of Google:

Jaaxy works

Using “menopause brain fog treatment” as an example, you can see exactly how Jaaxy helped me in finding a keyword that would work for this blog post.

See in the chart below:  the first column, Avg, shows the average number of searches per month for this keyword is 56.  The QSR, or competition for this exact keyword, is 12.  Low competition is what you want and this is REALLY low.  And, finally, I really tend to rely on the SEO score (1-100) before I make my final decision.  This score of 99 almost guarantees decent ranking with Google using this keyword.

Jaaxy SEO Score

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What’s The Downside To Using Jaaxy?

Ummmmm, I’m sure there’s something.  Just like with anything else, there’s probably room for improvement.  Fortunately, the team at Jaaxy is always on the job updating and searching for ways to improve this already awesome tool!


Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy even offers an affiliate program where you can refer people to Jaaxy and earn a percentage of their monthly payments.  With the free 30 word search test drive, Jaaxy is a pretty easy sell.  Is it still actually selling if it’s free?  Hmmm??

Sum Up

Personally, I’d be lost without the Jaaxy keyword research tool!  I, literally, use it every day!  It’s easy for me to recommend something that I totally believe in and rely on so heavily.  Sure, there are other keyword research tools out there, but I guarantee you they can’t do for you all that Jaaxy can. If I’m wrong, please share what you’re using because I’ll switch right now if there’s a better tool out there!

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