Easy Guide To Affiliate Marketing


Easy Guide To Affiliate Marketing

First…open your mind and walk through the door toward endless money making opportunities!  Having an open mind to the possibilities is probably the greatest hurdle you’ll find with the idea of making money online.  But, once the door is open, it takes minimal effort get started.  Here’s a quick and easy guide to affiliate marketing to help get you rolling:



  1. Search for Affiliate Programs – look for programs that are relevant to your interests or your blog page (if you already have one built).  It’s important to find programs that offer services and/or products that you’re excited about.  It’s much easier promoting something that you feel good about than something you really don’t care about.
  2. Sign Up & Get Approval – sign up for several different affiliate programs within your niche/interest.  You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, so the more options you have, the better your odds will be at being successful.
  3. Promote – remember to promote yourself, as well as the products you’re representing.  When introducing a product, BE AN EXPERT!  Research, and maybe even try out, the products you’re promoting.  It’s always good to offer reviews and/or comparisons with another similar product.  Tell the world what you love about your product and why someone would want to buy it instead of the competitor’s comparable product.  You can promote on a website, social media, forums, newsletters…and more!  
  4. Content = $ – Continue adding quality & relevant content on a regular basis and start collecting your profits.  Keep your promotions in the forefront for your target audience, so you’re not letting them forget about your stuff tomorrow.  

 Affiliate Networks & Programs

It is possible to sign up with individual niche related affiliate programs; however, there are a few network programs that list many different advertisers relevant to just about every niche under the cyber space sun!  It does makes it easier to track your stats when your advertisers are all in one place.  Here are a few that I’ve worked with in the past:

You can also find individual programs by entering <your niche> + affiliate program into your search engine.  For example, if my niche were raising chickens, I would enter “raising chickens + affiliate program” into my Google search engine.  And, to prove a point, here’s the search results:

 raising chickens

As you can see, right here are 6 possible affiliate programs for the niche “raising chickens”.  Who knew!  

No Website & Not Sure What Platform To Use For Your Promotions?

No problem!  The Wealthy Affiliate program can help you get started by showing you exactly how to set up a website, add content, join affiliate programs, and to attract readers to your site.  Wealthy Affiliate evens allows you to try out the program for FREE.  They won’t ask for any payment info until you’re ready to go Premium.  Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review HERE.  

Sum Up

Easy peasy, right?  Yep, as scary as it may sound, affiliate marketing isn’t all that complicated.  It does take some effort on your part, to keep things current and rolling, though.  Once you’re set up, you need to perform regular maintenance tasks, like by posting regularly (at least one article per week) and updating all your social media links.  If affiliate marketing is something you think you might like to try, I highly recommend you check out the Wealthy Affiliate program.  

Please post any questions below; I’m here to help you!  I’d love to see you succeed!

See you soon!