How To Attract Readers To Your Blog


How To Attract Readers To Your Blog

You could have 50 blogs with the most valuable info available on Earth, but if nobody is reading the content, what good are they? I mean, the whole point in having a blog (or 50) is so that people will read your content, right?  Attracting readers is going to take more than just your content, no matter how great it is.  So, let’s take a look at how to attract readers to your blog.

Optimize Your Content For SEO

(from the WordPress editor for my site Health And Wellness For Women Over 50)



Before you publish a blog post, take the extra time to make sure it is optimized for SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Create a meta description.

  • Check your content for keywords.

  • Add alt text for your images.

  • Link from your blog post to other parts of your website.


 What Are Keywords?

Keywords can be a single word or a phrase that is relevant to the page or post you’re going to publish on your website. Keywords are how people find your articles in search engines.  When someone types in “how to bake a chocolate cake” or “how to cure a hangover” into a search engine, like Google, those ARE the keywords.


Google rank page 1

my keyword “Meditation Benefits for Women Over 50” ranked on page 1 with Google, as well as 2 images from the page, shown here (first 2 on the left)

Most keywords are 4-5 word phrases.  Some articles may have several topics that are being discussed, and each of those topics can be keywords, as well.  Remember, keywords are what is being searched by your potential audience.


Choose your keyword carefully; some keywords can mean the same thing but get very different search results.  For example, “how to cure hangovers”  gets 160 searches; whereas, “how to cure a hangover” gets 3756.


You can get help finding keywords by using an invaluable keyword research tool like Jaaxy.  You can try it for FREE here!


More Isn’t Always Better

Be careful of those high numbers, though. More is not always better.  The first column indicates the number of searches for that keyword; however, you want to compare that to the QSR column.  This is  your competition.  You want low competition, less than 200, and a high search return number.  In this example, you might be better off going with “ways to cure a hangover”.  It has a lower, but decent, search return, but very low competition.


What is Alt Text?

alt text

Alt text, or alternative text, is telling the reader what an image is.  If, for example, the reader has image capabilities turned off, he will see the alt text in the image’s place.  Alt text is also another way for readers to find your page.   This is an example from a my website Health And Wellness For Women Over 50.  Here, the alt text is “cobra pose”.  If someone entered “cobra pose” in a search engine, my image will come up in the results.



Take Advantage Of Social Media

Another easy and FREE way to attract readers to your blog is by sharing your posts on social media.  There are so many to choose from, now, it could be a full time job just trying to manage them all.  So, I like to stick with the “Fab 4”:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  This is one of the most efficient ways to get more people reading your blog posts.


Know Your Audience

know your audience

For starters, ask yourself, “who am I writing for?”  Keeping in mind your particular niche, think about who you are targeting. Going back to the hangover example, the target audience would be anyone who has or has ever had a hangover and wants a sure fire cure, right?


Remember, your goal is to always provide something of personal value to your readers and to be consistent in doing so.  This creates a trust and will keep people coming back and maybe even share your content through their own social media.


Next task is to understand what people are buying (and why) to cure their hangovers.  You can do this through researching online or advertisements, etc. Take note on what is trending on Twitter, what people say on Facebook…you get the idea!


Keep in  mind you want to connect with your audience on a personal level by offering a solution to their problem in a clear and easy way.  Giving examples of your own personal experiences help to make that connection and creates trust.

See more on knowing and understanding your audience.


Create Catchy Headings

catchy titles and headlines

Really take some time to create engaging and interesting titles for your posts.  It can be tricky, with keeping keywords in mind and relevant content.  I can tell you it does gets easier with experience.  Take some time to look around at some other blogs that have been around for a while.  Take note how they choose the wording and topics for their headings and sub-headings within the post.

 Here are a few tips for your headings and sub-headings:

  • catch your reader’s attention & make them curious

  • shorter titles work better – limit to 1-2 lines

  • watch your wording – try not to use the same word more than once

  • make your headings stand out by using larger font – make them bold and even underline them


For more on titles and headings see Catchy Title Tips and Template for Your Blog.


Keep Paragraphs Short And Simple

If your page is full of lengthy paragraphs and little or no images, it can seem overwhelming to your readers.  People want to see, at glance, if your page is what they’ve been searching for and worth reading.  By keeping paragraphs short and simple, with captivating titles, you’ll be more likely to hold your reader’s attention long enough for them to get through the whole thing…and maybe even browse the rest of your site as well.


Sum Up

That’s a whole bunch of info to take in, I know, but I hope I’ve been able to touch on at least one thing that you’ll take with you.  Why not bookmark this page to use as a reference?  Please leave any questions or comments in the space below.  We’re all here to help each other grow, so don’t be shy, share something that has worked for you with attracting readers to your blog.


Wait…what?  You don’t have a website yet?

 Be seeing YOU around!