How To Create Content For Your Website


How To Create Content For Your Website

How you create content for your website will be the key to your success.  It is what will attract your readers and keep writerthem coming back, get you ranked in top search engines like Google, and will ultimately make you money.  It’s important to remember that you should enjoy what you’re writing about and maybe even be excited about it.  This will come through in your words and will excite your readers, too.

Your writing should be authentic, as well as captivating, so no copying content from other sites.  This is a big no no and will never get you anywhere with your readers or with Google.  So, let’s get into it, let’s go over how to create content for your website…



When writing your content, you will be focusing on a keyword or phrase, which will also be the title of your page or post.  Choose your key word carefully, as this will be the first step in getting ranked with Google.  For more on using keywords see How to use the keyword search tool at Wealthy Affiliate.

Give Jaaxy keyword tool a try:

No Need To Be Perfect

Don’t worry about your content being text book perfect.  Your writing should be natural, as if you’re talking to a friend. Let your words flow from the heart and what you know about the topic (key word).  Worry about grammar and punctuation after you get your thoughts down.


“If your determination is fixed, I do not counsel you to despair. Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.”
Samuel Johnson



Before writing actually begins, you should have a basic outline for the message you’re wanting to convey.  You can physically write out an outline, or simply have a mental picture.

I tend to follow the same format for each article or page I write:

  • Introduction.  This should be a brief synopsis of what’s to follow.  Include your keyword in this first paragraph.

  • Definition.  If applicable, I give a definition of a term or phrase that may be unfamiliar to my readers.

  • Subtopics.  I break down the main topic or keyword into 3-4 smaller subtopics.

  • Summary.  This is just a brief brush over on what was previously discussed in the article.  This may be where you suggest a product or service as a solution to a problem or something the reader may need.

  • Comments.  Engage your readers by asking them to leave comments or questions.  This, too, helps get you ranked with Google.

This is just an example of my writing process, but by no means the ONLY way to write content.  To see more on writing content see Creating Quality Website Content.


Proven Techniques To Keep In Mind

When writing content for your website, keep in mind these techniques that have been proven to keep readers content writinginterested and to score with Google:

  • Use black text on a white background.  This is easier on the eyes; therefore, easier to read.

  • Use small paragraphs.  Break up your content into smaller paragraphs for easier reading and comprehension.

  • Use captivating headings.  Each new paragraph should be preceded by an interesting heading which alludes to what’s coming next.

  • Use relevant images.  People love images!  By using 2-3 images that directly relate to your content, you will grab your reader’s attention faster and easier.


How To Beat Writer’s Block

It happens to everyone at some point or another, writer’s block is unavoidable.  Writer’s block is when the well of ideas for new articles runs dry.  It’s ok to stew on it for a few days, but don’t let it get the best of you!  Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away from your desk and do something else. Something fun and completely opposite of thinking about your website.  If that doesn’t do the trick, here are a few more suggestions for you that work for me when I’m stuck:

  • Review pages and posts you’ve already published. What helps me the most,  is going back over the pages and posts of my website that were already published. Just reading back over your content can spur a new idea to pop into your imagination.  Always remember to link your new post/page to the original published one…Google likes internal links!

  • Affiliate programs.  Next best place is looking at your list affiliate accounts and what products are offered by each. You can create content around a product that way.

  • Search online.  And, last, go to or You can get tons of ideas for writing there just by typing in your niche.

Content Is King!

Sum Up

I think the most important thing to remember is to enjoy what you’re writing about.  Think about when you’re excited about something that you’ve done and how enjoyable it was.  You want to share that with your friends, right?  And, when you do, your excitement becomes contagious and your friends get excited with you.  It’s the same with your articles and how you create the content for your website.

Adding in some of the techniques discussed here, you’re sure to write wonderful content for your website and become successful while doing it.  I hope this article was helpful to you in your new online venture!  Please leave any questions or comments below…I want to help you succeed!



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