How To Do Long Tail Keyword Research


How To Do Long Tail Keyword Research

the power of the long tail keyword

No matter what kind of website you’re building or have, without proper keyword research, all your hard work in writing valuable content is almost worthless.  Without quality keywords, your quality content may never get seen!  Researching and using quality keywords is the most important thing in getting SEO ranking and, ultimately, readers to your page.  Today I’m going to show you how to go about finding those quality keywords, more specifically, how to do long tail keyword research.


What Is A Long Tail Keyword?

Just like it sounds, long tail keywords are longer groups of 3-5 words, that are more specific to your niche or topic.  For example, if I have a niche website selling women’s perfume, a long tail keyword would be a more specific phrase or group of words targeting a specific audience, than simply using the broad and vague keyword “women’s perfume”. “Discount Women’s Designer Perfume” and “Most Popular Women’s Perfume” are 2 examples of long tail keywords.  Notice how these long tail keywords target a more specific audience?


keyword lightbulb

Why Should You Use Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are just a better way to connect with your customers. People are more likely to use these specific keywords or phrases when they’re closer to the point of purchase.  Rather than sift through the thousands of possibilities when searching for a vague keyword like, “women’s perfume”, the serious buyer will use the more specific wording in order to find exactly what they want.

Long tail keywords may not attract large volumes of people to your site, but the ones that do show up will be more likely to make a purchase.  When people are searching using specific descriptions, they’re usually ready to buy…for you, that means conversions $$.


3 Simple Ways To Find Excellent Long Tail Keywords

When trying to come up with a long tail keyword that will almost guarantee traffic and conversions, try following these simple techniques:

  1. Searches related to… – using the vague keyword, “women’s perfume”, go ahead and type that into Google search. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page. See, the list (a) of “searches related to women’s perfume”?  Let’s pick “women’s perfume that men love”, and enter that into our search. Scroll down, again, and take a look at the new “searches related to…” list (b).  Repeat until you have a decent list of great long tail keywords to pick and choose from for future posts.


searches related to

                                            a.  Searched: Women’s perfume











finding long tail keywords

                                 b.  Searched: Women’s perfume that men love












 From these two searches, alone, I have 4 or 5 long tail keywords to add to my list.  These are keywords that people are actually searching in order to find what they want to buy.


2.  Yahoo Answers –  Yahoo Answers is another great way to find excellent long tail keywords.  Here’s an example of a search using a keyword from the list created in step 1:  “top perfumes guys love”.  These results show what people are actually asking in reference to the keyword entered in the search.  If people are asking about the “top 10 perfumes that guys like for women”, it’s safe to say this would serve well as a keyword, as long as it is relevant to your page and your target audience.

Yahoo answers


3.  Search on Jaaxy – Now, we’re going to use my #1 choice for finding keywords that rank, bringing it altogether for another home run!  Now that we gathered up a few possibilities for  long tail keywords from “searches related to…” and “Yahoo answers”, we can go to Jaaxy and enter our favorites and see how they score.  I always use Jaaxy before making the final decision on any keyword.   Jaaxy also allows you to save keywords to a list so we can refer back to it for future posts.

In the image below you can see how I entered the phrase, “top 10 perfumes that guys like for women” in Jaaxy’s keyword search.  From this list, I checked off 4 that I like and added them to a saved list, “Women’s perfume”…

top 10 perfumes keyword search
















create free Jaxxy trial

Below, is the list I created and saved in the Jaaxy tool, “SAVED LISTS”.  I’ve highlighted, in yellow, my 2 favorites.  Why are these my favorites? First, the phrases make sense.  You definitely want your keyword phrase to make sense to anyone searching on Google (or any search engine).  And, both choices have low competition (QSR), and both draw traffic.  Both have good SEO scores, which is usually the deciding factor, for me, in choosing a keyword or long tail keyword.  Between these two favorites, I’m going to have to decide based on relevancy to the article I’m writing.   My guess is that “top 10 perfumes for women” is still a little too vague.  I could enter that keyword into the search and see what pops up there, if that’s the way I want my article to flow.  And, even though this keyword would get more traffic, it may not result in as many sales because of it being too broad or vague.  However, the long tail keyword, “women’s perfume that men love” is more specific and will more likely attract a specific audience looking to make a purchase of a new perfume that men will love right then.  This is a keyword that I could create a great relevant article around, offering several perfume choices with varying price ranges, and almost guaranteeing conversions.

Saved list Jaaxy


Sum Up

By now, you should have an idea in how to do long tail keyword research.  And, by using the Jaaxy keyword research tool, you can narrow it down to a keyword phrase that will be an SEO ranking winner, with almost guaranteed conversions!

Start with an idea relevant to your niche.  Google it and scroll down to see the list of “related searches to…” to grab up some long tail keyword ideas. Then, see what you can find on Yahoo

Make your final decision by utilizing your FREE trial account with Jaaxy to determine the best choice for  your article or website.  See my Jaaxy review for more info!

Don’t forget to ask questions below!  I’m here to help and want to see you succeed!