Success Through Collaboration And Devotion


Success Through Collaboration And Devotion

I love inspirational quotes.  They make me feel good.  They give hope and encouragement when it’s needed most and can be applied to our every day lives  Today I ran across two quotes by my favorite yogi, Sadhguru.  I am sharing them both with you, here now, because they convey my thoughts in a way that I cannot express.  Together, they support the gaining of success through collaboration and devotion.


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          don’t compete. collaborate.


“Don’t compete. Collaborate.”  ~ Sadhguru

There is a common misconception that we humans are at our best when pushed to our limits…when we’re stressed by deadlines and competition to be #1.

Think about your state of being when you’ve been at your best…when you’ve been your most creative. Was it when you were stressed or was it when you were happy and at peace?

Human potential is at it’s best when we are joyful, peaceful & pleasant beings.

It only makes sense, then, that a collaborative process is far more powerful than a competitive process. Working together will bring about peace and clarity. Without the worries of competition lying in front of us, we can see success ahead.


Definition Of Collaboration And Competition?

Collaboration is the action of working with someone in order to produce or create something.  Competition, according to different sources, is  1. the act of competing; rivalry for supremacy, a prize, etc.: The competition between the two teams was bitter.  2.  the act or process of trying to get or win something (such as a prize or a higher level of success) that someone else is also trying to get or win : the act or process of competing

Notice the negative vibe you feel just from reading the definition of competition, as apposed to the positive feeling derived from the definition of collaboration?

In business, these two words are complete opposites. In the past, companies would never even consider collaborating within their own departments let alone with their competitors.  However, in today’s business world, we’re beginning to see a shift in this way of thinking.  By looking for partnerships and collaborating externally, companies are able to innovate much more quickly and even create solutions to problems that may not be prevalent issues yet.

While cooperating with other companies in your own industry may seem counterintuitive to competitiveness. but it’s really not.  Companies are beginning to see the bigger picture and  endless possibilities when collaborating and sharing expertise is practiced.  By combining technology and knowledge, companies like Verizon and software developers are able to come up with new apps and video solutions that could not be reached without their collaborating efforts.


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mastery of anything does not come without absolute devotion

“Mastery of anything does not come without absolute devotion” ~ Sadhguru

Devotion is another dimension of intelligence. Where intelligence wants to conquer the truth, devotion just embraces the truth.

If we learn to embrace our truths while building our online businesses (or in our personal lives), it will be natural for us to become devotees to our mission and what we want to accomplish with our work.


What Does Devotion Mean?

Devotion is love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. Easy to see how absolute devotion to what we’re passionate about (hopefully, our niche), can bring about success over time. It’s inevitable.

Remember this when writing content for your niche website or blog page.  You should be offering advice or help to your readers…give them answers to what they’re searching for. Put yourself on the opposite side of the computer screen…is your site helpful?  Are you offering sound advice on something you believe in? Is your site easy to navigate, without multiple pop ups trying to sell something?  Are you passionate about your niche?

By offering solutions to common, every day problems, you’ll gain trust from your visitors. They will become loyal followers, coming back to you again and again for more answers. With that, you’ll just naturally see conversions. It’s inevitable. 🙂


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Sum Up

I hope I’m getting the point across in the importance of collaborating and being completely devoted to your business and how the two affect how successful you are.  When searching to become a master within your niche, you must become devoted to it.  Let nothing stand in your way.

You’re wise, also, to realize that there is a massive amount of people out there with experience related to your niche, that you could and should be networking with…collaborating with.

I find the community within Wealthy Affiliate to be a great networking resource when looking for new and innovative ideas for my websites.  The best part about this networking community, its there is zero competition; we all work together and cheer the success of a fellow member.

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Shoot me your questions below!  I really want to see  you succeed!